Saturday, February 9, 2013

Custom Made Recipe Binder

For a while now I have been needing a solution for my favourite recipes that I have printed online or recieved from others. My current solution just isn't working, shoving them all in a drawer, being unable find it a month later and having to go searching for and reprint.

After browsing Pinterest and various other crafty organisational blogs I settled on a custom recipe binder using scrapbook paper and manila folders to create my dividers.

In a nutshell I cut my manila folders to fit into the binder, then cut out eight 1.5 inch tabs. Not being a very crafty person, this turned out much harder then I anticipated. While I am happy with my result, it could certainly be a lot neater.

I then stuck scrapbook paper on the front of each manila folder to make it a bit cuter.

I love the bright colours, but if I did it again I think I would purchase dividers and stick scrapbook paper on the front. It would have been a lot easier and cut out a lot of the work.

What craft projects have you undertaken lately? 

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